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Hope Renewed: Picking UP The Pieces After Loss

Hope Renewed: Picking UP the Pieces After Loss leaves the reader knowing how to survive a personal loss and how to better understand others and their struggle with loss.  Everyone, at some point in their lives, will go through a loss, be it a parent, sibling, child, friend, hopes or dreams.  None will escape!  Among other things, this book details the best way to break bad news, explains how shock is really a gift in disguise, what body mapping and an anger allowance are, and what corrodes a marriage after a child dies.

It shares why closure is not closure, and finally, how love is constant beyond death.  Hope Renewed speaks to you as you seek comfort - or comfort others.  It is truly Hope Renewed.

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PAM: Life Beyond Death; Joy Beyond Grief

An anxious voice accosts a young mother as she picks up the phone. An elementary school secretary notifies her that her daughter Pam may have been in a serious accident.  But why this call when Pam, a middle schooler, rides a public, not a school bus, home?  Yet because this secretary takes the time to phone her, this mother responds to her suggestion to immediately call 911.

Was the dispatcher awaiting her call?!  His disconcertingly accurate questions, punctuated with progressively detailed and accurate information only she could know, lends credence to that impression.  Initial relief that the victim, first described as someone far younger, dissipates before a parent's worst fear: has the unthinkable truly happened?  To them?

In PAM, a family miracle unfolds, unveiling a God Who actively and directly redeems--even uses--their loss for good.  In the process, healing and restoration powerfully emerge to transform hopeless grief into inspired conviction that there is--indeed--Life Beyond Death, Joy Beyond Grief.

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