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Hope Renewed: Picking UP The Pieces After Loss

Hope Renewed is easy to read, directed at the average person and can be of crucial help to many mourners...Lowry delves into the many effects of grief.  She discusses the fact that many marriages break up after the loss of a child, and gives suggestions as to what to do to prevent divorce and separation.  There is advice on understanding siblings' grief, which is different from parents' grief.  The book also suggests how to comprehend the loved one's friends' mourning process.  There are sections on anger, on grandparents, and the book is filled with meaningful reflections.  For example, Lowry wonders if the Great Depression made grievers more stoic, less able to express grief and to set time aside for it...This book will be an excellent companion--the sort of book the reader will refer to again and again.  Lowry explains the seemingly inexplicable reactions to loss, and discusses the time when hope breaks through.
--Linda Benninghoff, Reader Views
Christy Lowry has taken one of life's most tragic experiences, the death of a child, and transformed the unthinkable into an avenue of healing and resource for other hurting families...Lowry shows grieving parents what to consider, who to go to for help, and assists them in selecting the best options for their family.
--Michigan Reader, Amazon.com


PAM: Life Beyond Death; Joy Beyond Grief

"I really found it fascinating and I was especially impressed with the question and answer segment." "Christy’s account of her experience prior to and following the death of her daughter reminds the Christian reader..."
--LeAnne Constantine, Christian Communicator Critique Service --Maureen Christiansen, Alaska Family Therapist
"This book is a truly honest portrait and personal account of a mother coping with the unthinkable and unimaginable, the death of her young daughter.  It is not about how we should buck up and get on with our lives (but it will help); it is not about celebrating the blessing of having the privilege of having had a child to love.  It is about how a Christian woman and real life mom, not superwoman, can come to terms with the debilitating and inside-out world of unspeakable personal grief.  An intensely personal book for anyone who understands that life is, indeed, intensely personal. Suffering and support, faith and love, combine in this modern day Mothers Book of Job.  For anyone who needs to know that they are not alone, Christy offers an open heart and hand." "For any person who has lost a loved one, this book can be a consolation.  For any mother who has lost a child, the greatest grief imaginable, this book will touch the heart as few books are able. Christy Lowry permits, nay invites her readers to step right into her heart and soul, and face squarely the agony of loss, then to experience the joy of certain knowledge that a loved child now knows more of heavenly happiness than any of her family and friends still on earth can ever imagine!  "PAM" is not a scholarly tome full of references and "proofs." It is the honest, intimate, from-the-heart book born of a Mother's love for the child she bore, nurtured, and lost too soon.  It is poignant it its simplicity, warm in its presentation and honest in its offering of comfort.  Everyone will not have the exact same comforts where were afforded to Christy Lowry, but, in some way, that person will be comforted.  If you are in such need, be assured that Christy Lowry is truly your friend in need, and by way of the printed page, your friend indeed.  This a book that speaks heart to heart; soul to soul."
--M.C. B., Anchorage, AK USA --Greeta B., Anchorage, AK USA
"What a wonderful book.  Christy touched my heart in the detail of her work.  It showed that you can move on and remember a loved one.  Anyone dealing with a death of a child or loved one should read this.  Actually anyone can read it and feel good." "Poignant writing that showed Christian hope for the next life.  A mother's love shows through the grief and loss shared by the entire family and gives hope to others who are in emotional need.  Highly recommend this book."
--Karen H., Anchorage, AK USA --Rosalie T., Anchorage, AK USA
"I defy anyone not to be profoundly moved by this honest, sensitive, and eloquent tale of the anguish of loss and the power of faith to carry one family through the terrible ordeal of losing a treasured daughter and sister.  I was impressed by the coping skills discovered through faith, and through the involvement of caring family and friends. This book should be a help to anyone going through a similar experience."
--Janet B., Morris Plains, NJ USA


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